Oxford Cyber Harassment Research Symposium
Oxford Cyber Harassment Research Symposium

Research Topics

Cyber Crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. It can broadly be categorized into crime against persons, crime against property and crime against governments. Although the Oxford Cyber Harassment Research Symposium focus on crimes against persons, papers on any topic relating to cyber crime may be submitted.

Cyber Crime Research

Computer Science and Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime and Libraries / Library Science

Ethics, Law and Technology

Developmental Psychology and Cyber Crime

Behavioral Psychology and Cyber Crime

Education and Cyber Bullying

Law and Cyber Crime

Politics of Cyber Crime

Sociology of Cyber Crime

Communication Studies and Cyber Crime


Combatting Cyber Crime

Internet and Communication Service Providers (ISP)

Social Media and Technology Companies

Digital Evidence and Cyber Crime

Cyber and Civil Rights

Law Enforcement and Cyber Crime

Prosecutors and Cyber Crime

Emerging Global Internet Governance


Cyber Crimes against Persons

Cyber Harassment

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Stalking

Cyber Defamation

Workplace Harassment

Identity Theft

Dissemination of Offensive Materials


Cyber Bullying at School

Perceptions of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying and Legal Boundaries for Schools

Freedom of Expression versus Safety and Privacy

Cyber Bullying and School Personnel

Cyber Bullying and Children

Cyber Bullying and College Students

Cyber Bullying and Parents

Prevalence and Effectiveness of Anti-Bullying Approaches


Effects of Cyber Bullying

Cyber Harassment Victims

Cyber Harassment Perpetrators


Property Cyber Crime

Transaction Based Crimes


Trafficking in Child Pornography

Digital Piracy

Money Laundering



Computer Intrusion

Denial of Service

Virus Attacks



Political Cyber Crime

Cyber Espionage

Cyber Terrorism


Deep Web/Dark Web


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